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3 ways that helps your business grow!



InstaBook can handle all kinds of bookings, services, products, memberships, packages, gift cards etc. with super ease in an extremely intuitive interface. Instant confirmation and reminder reduces no shows and results in increased revenues. Print a receipt or send invoice/feedback form to your customers with a single click.



Attract, engage, retain and retarget your customers in a super effective and non-intrusive way. Reach out to your customers with automated notifications and marketing messages with inbuilt, custom templates and target segments. Retarget your customers with personalised messages based on their demographic, visits and spending. Automation, scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns.



InstaBook runs beautifully on desktop, tablet and smartphone. It works from your internet browser so basically anywhere, anytime on any device. Simplicity & usability are our obsession. Your data is backed up & complete safe & secure at all times. And one more thing, reliability & security are part of our DNA here at InstaBook.




InstaBook calendar is easy and fast to navigate with views by staff, day, week and month. Easily book and change appointments in just a few clicks. Customers get instant confirmation and reminders when you book appointments with it.


Keep a record of your customers, transaction history, preferences and more. Easily retarget them based on their service usage, visit frequency, spending or any combination of rules in custom target segments as per your preferences.


Reach out to your customers with automated notifications and marketing messages with inbuilt, custom templates and target segments. Automation, scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns.


Create invoices directly or from calendar that handle services, products, memberships, packages, campaigns, discounts, taxes and more. It automatically redeems against memberships, packages, gift cards etc. Customise GST settings as per your preferences.


Easily track consumable/retail products separately, right from ordering to usage/selling. Use any combination of manual and automated ways to manage internal consumption of products easily. Keep a record of your vendors, generate PO, TO & more.

HR & Payroll

Manage the employees data, attendance, payroll along with earnings, commissions etc. Manage timings, paid/unpaid leaves, weekly off via manual/biometric attendance. Easily raise payslips integrated with attendance, commission, allowance, deduction etc.


Manage your entire accounts, expenses, revenues, liabilities,cash flows integrated across all modules like invoice, expense, purchase order, transfer order, credit note & payroll. No need of a separate accounting software as transactions, specialised accounting reports etc., everything there in your ever reliable InstaBook.


Reward your regular clients with innovative loyalty campaigns and increase footfall and revenues in the process. Easily customise offers using loyalty points, referral schemes, cashback, automated free services after certain visits etc., thus making it win-win for you and your clients.

Multi Centre

Compare and analyse data across different centres with your master and zonal admins. Manage and transfer stock from master to centres and between different centres easily. Customise master admin settings as per your requirements having various options like automated redemption of benefits for customers across different centres etc.


Stay on top of what's happening in your business with category-wise detailed reports. View a rich array of data with reports under categories like financial, business performance, sales, customer, employee, inventory etc. Identify trends, problems and performance across centres. Get your daily summary at EOD via sms/mail as per your preferences.

Secure & Reliable

InstaBook works from the cloud and we are hosted on the ever reliable AWS (Amazon Web Services). This means your data is backed up and completely safe at all times. So sit back and focus on what you do best, while we take care of everything else.


InstaBook support is fast, friendly and free. We provide sensational support round the clock and dare we say, our clients absolutely love our awesome instant support. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support and building long lasting relationship with our clients.

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We care, just a tad bit extra for our clients, as we consider them as part of our extended InstaBook family and that shows in everything we do. People always comes first for us. At our very core, each InstaBooker is full of empathy for clients, love for great design and a drive to make a positive impact while having awesome fun. We are passionate, curious, and crazily obsessed about making our clients life easier and empowering them with easy tools to help them grow and prosper.

We are on a lifelong mission here, and our mission is to empower and make small businesses more efficient using technology, resulting in increase in their revenues and saving everyone's time and getting rid of pen/paper forever. We aspire to build a better future and an ethical, sustainable brand with utmost focus on simplicity and friendly support and keep these things intact as we grow across verticals and industries across the planet.

We empower small businesses with the help of our beautifully designed, simple to use products to make their life easy so that they can focus on their business while we take care of technology for them, end to end at a nominal cost with amazing support, needless to say! IB is loaded with amazing features and regular updates as per the feedback makes it even more awesome as time goes by.

Innovation isn't a fad, it's a daily fuel for us. Post using InstaBook, businesses have seen significant increase in their revenues, efficiency, productivity and of course, customer delight. Be it a first time user of software, or businesses who are fed up of their existing softwares, every client finds using InstaBook and the whole experience like a breath of fresh air.

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